Extending the Menubar
A Personal, Global, and Customizable Menu

Welcome to Favorites

We've taken some time to rework the main header in Phabricator over the past few weeks, mostly based on feedback over the years as well as wanting to explore a more customizable path for users and admins alike. These changes have be rolling out over the past month or two and are now mostly complete and in place. Let's go over some of the new things you'll notice.

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A Simpler Logo

The Phabricator logo is one of the oldest pieces of UI in the project. In fact it was in the project before the project even had a designer (myself). Taking a look at the history and understanding of what Phabricator stated out as was important. We wanted to keep the "eye" around in spirit but also address it's aging look and sometimes even creepy aesthetic. We went through many rounds of changes before settling on the version you see today. It's light, clean, scales well, and still is unique to our brand. During this time we also changed the wordmark from an actual graphic to customizable text. This lets installs quickly customize Phabricator without needing to make any new images.

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Personal and Global Favorites

Gone is the global static "Quick Create" menu that had grown endlessly as we transitioned to our EditEngine architecture. We've replaced this with a new Favorites application menu, and wow is it customizable. First, we combine both Personal and Global favorites into this menu. If you're an admin, maybe you want everyone to have quick access to a new form, a certain project, the company chatroom. As a user, maybe your job entails lots of bug reports or frequently creating pastes for sharing. We take both sets of favorites and present them in a single menu for everyone. We want every user and company to customize Phabricator to their workflow, not ours. Looking forward we plan to adopt these same changes on the upcoming Homepage Redesign

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Sleeker Search

Although not a new feature, we've updated the layout of the search bar to add in the context menu. This menu if you're not familiar lets you set what the global search specifically searches for. By default, it searches across all of Phabricator. But if you have a busy install or maybe your job is just based on Tasks or Documentation, you might want to build a custom saved search as your default. For me, I like having it set to "Open Tasks", as most of my job usually entails searching for duplicate tasks or referencing work in progress. You even have the option here to make it switch to whatever application you're using automatically.

Providing Feedback

Since this feature is new and in development, please let us know if you find bugs or have other ways you'd like to use these new menus. See Favorites Errata for more information.

Getting Phabricator

Getting Phabricator has never been easier. Try Phabricator for Free on Phacility or Install Locally on your own hardware. It's Open Source and always will be.

Written by chad on Jan 20 2017, 4:13 AM.

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