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Revamping the Lightbox

Written by chad on Mon, Nov 28, 8:50 PM.

A Brighter Lightbox

We’ve made some recent changes to how lightboxes work in Phabricator. Lightboxes are triggered anytime you click on an attached image in Phabricator. It displays the image, along with any others it found on the current page, and lets you cycle through them all. There wasn’t much interactivity or collaboration available. They also only worked with images and didn’t give you access to the underlying file. We’re working on changing that with some new features to this common function in Phabricator. We like to think about Phabricator as a complete platform, so features like lightbox that work everywhere, in any application, are a great way to improve a single feature and impact every user.


Phabricator, now free for small projects

Written by chad on Sat, Nov 19, 11:55 PM.

Phacility is Growing

We are pleased to announce that Phacility now offers Phabricator for small projects, up to 5 users, at no cost. The same fast, solid, reliable architecture that powers Phacility’s enterprise customers is now open for every one. We’re committed to growing Phabricator, Phacility, and continuing our mission of helping software companies build better software. Offering a free way of using Phabricator beyond local installation has been a passion of mine for many years. Evan and I have built Phabricator over the past 5 years together, and through the continued community support and our Phacility customers, we’re happy to finally offer this. Sign up now for your free instance.


Pricing Changes: Costs Now Stop Increasing at 50 Users

Written by epriestley on Jun 29 2016, 4:10 AM.

We're making a pricing change which affects larger instances: monthly bills are now capped at $1,000.


Hosted Phabricator: Now in Open Beta

Written by epriestley on Mar 2 2015, 6:16 PM.

We now offer hosted Phabricator instances on Phacility. These instances come equipped with the various amenities and conveniences you might expect, except that we have written very smart robots to configure and maintain them for you.

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