Revamping the Lightbox
An improved way to review images and documents

A Brighter Lightbox

We’ve made some recent changes to how lightboxes work in Phabricator. Lightboxes are triggered anytime you click on an attached image in Phabricator. It displays the image, along with any others it found on the current page, and lets you cycle through them all. There wasn’t much interactivity or collaboration available. They also only worked with images and didn’t give you access to the underlying file. We’re working on changing that with some new features to this common function in Phabricator. We like to think about Phabricator as a complete platform, so features like lightbox that work everywhere, in any application, are a great way to improve a single feature and impact every user.

pokemon-comment.png (1×2 px, 1 MB)

More Functional

Commenting is now available on any file from the lightbox. Click on the comment button, and see comments from others on this file. Comments stay attached to the file, regardless if you share the same markup via a task, document or chat. Share and re-use files by embedding them in Remarkup anywhere. Cycle through all the files and see all the comments. Documents also now go fullscreen, too. Attach a PDF to a task, download it or click on it and leave a comment.

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New Inline Remarkup

Minor, though I'm personally really proud of the aesthetic, when you embed files into Remarkup, they are now more pronounced and give you additional information. See the full name, type of file, and the download size. This makes it easier to see and organize files in your tasks and descriptions.

inline-remarkup.png (498×1 px, 53 KB)

Still in Progress

We're still working to improve this experience and would love your feedback. We'd like to add the ability to post back to the parent object, subscribe to individual files, and maybe clean up the UI a little more. And some mobile testing. It probably should work great on mobile. Follow along on Lightbox v2 and add your thoughts.

Getting Phabricator

As always, you can Try Phabricator for Free on Phacility or Install Locally on your own hardware.

Written by chad on Nov 28 2016, 8:50 PM.
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