Phabricator, now free for small projects
Up to 5 users, no cost

Phacility is Growing

We are pleased to announce that Phacility now offers Phabricator for small projects, up to 5 users, at no cost. The same fast, solid, reliable architecture that powers Phacility’s enterprise customers is now open for every one. We’re committed to growing Phabricator, Phacility, and continuing our mission of helping software companies build better software. Offering a free way of using Phabricator beyond local installation has been a passion of mine for many years. Evan and I have built Phabricator over the past 5 years together, and through the continued community support and our Phacility customers, we’re happy to finally offer this. Sign up now for your free instance.

No Special Editions

This isn’t a scaled-back version of Phabricator. We only build one version, and that version is free, open, and built to scale. There are no special keys or licenses needed. No community or enterprise versions. Code quality and engineering efficiency is too important to us to split up features. When you’re ready to move off of the free tier and bring your whole company, you’re welcome to upgrade on Phacility, or take your data with you and host it locally. We’re glad to have you as a customer either way.

Looking Onward

With Phabricator now free for small teams and projects, we’ll be moving focus to offering enterprise clusters to our larger customers. This is a natural progression with the maturity of our platform, scaling Phabricator out to multiple geo-located servers for highest level of availability. Follow our development in the upstream. All backed by our award-deserving team of engineers... and sometimes that designer guy (me).

Getting Phabricator

Try Phabricator for Free on Phacility or Install Locally on your own hardware.

Written by chad on Nov 19 2016, 11:55 PM.